Business Coaching Seminars
Attend Our In-Person Business Coaching Seminars And Grow Your Business and Create More Freedom In Your Life, Too!
Business owners from all over travel to attend and experience our Heart-repreneur® Business Coaching Seminars because they literally change their lives, not just their businesses.
To join us for one of our upcoming seminars send an email to for the latest schedule of upcoming events.

Those who attended our last seminar said…

Terri …
was engaging
is inspiring
is THE most passionate speaker and trainer
gave me deep skills that I applied to my business
provided practical tools and strategies I could instantly apply
When you attend one of our business coaching seminars you will love our small group and personalized attention. Terri always keeps attendance extremely limited to make sure she can support each person in the audience.
You will be in the company of an incredible group of heart based professionals and can form alliances or add to your network of support long after the seminar.
You will have Terri as your mentor and business coach during the seminar. She will give you high energy training with lots of practical case studies, interesting stories and tactics you can apply right away.
You will leave happy you came, super energized, with massively more confidence and enthusiasm for your business and your life and ready to take action and put in place what Terri has taught.
You will laugh, smile and maybe even cry as Terri is a real, authentic heart-based trainer. You will be engaged and involved from the moment you walk in the room.
And, Terri is always accessible if you need time to ask specific questions.
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