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Thinking about turning your passion for coaching into a fulltime business?
Below you will find information on our Coach Training Home Study Program. We have trained tens of thousands of students all throughout the world, and additional are accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology. We are here to provide coach training and business training from Heart-repreneur® LLC.

       Thinking about turning your passion for coaching into a fulltime business?

If you are, then,

Our Deluxe Comprehensive Coaching Home Study Program will give you the training, knowledge, skill & ability to become the great coach that you were born to be….
                                               And make 6 figures doing it!

Our home study program that’s accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology teaches you:

How to start your coaching business
The crucial elements to prospering as a coach
How to find a Tsunami of clients who are eagerly looking for a coach….And willing to pay top dollar to be coached

Hi, my name is Terri Levine, a professional coach, who just like you, years ago found myself right where you are right now….Thinking about turning my passion for coaching into a full time business.

Today, I’m glad to say that I didn’t just “think” about turning my passion for coaching into a full time business…..I took action!

In fact, if you do a quick Google search for my name, you’ll quickly discover that today I’m recognized as one of the most successful and top-earning coaches in the world.

Over the years I’ve help hundreds of people across the globe start their very own coaching business….and flourish with it.
Today I want to do the same for YOU!

And perhaps the best part about it is that:
You can become a certified comprehensive coach
We teach not only coaching skills, but also how to have a lucrative business FAST
I know, just the very thought of building a coaching business from scratch can be a little intimidating to say the least, but I want you to know that with this one-of-a-kind coaching program that we’ve created, there’s a way for you to finally take control of your future and become the coach that you know in your heart that you should be.

And in case you’re wondering,
This coaching program is for people who…
Have been downsized or laid off…and want live out their real dream of being a fulltime coach.

Are sick and tired of slaving their life away working for someone else
Are retired & want to help others achieve their ultimate goals in life
Want to supplement their current income
Specialize in consulting
With the training you receive in this breakthrough coaching home study program, you’ll discover…..

How coaching works
How to start and grow your coaching business
How to market your services
Priceless tips on how to make a real difference in someone else’s life….and make money doing it!

PLUS, you get to:
Graduate alongside the top coaches in the profession. Our programs are internationally recognized because of the outstanding coaching our graduates do – They are among the top coaches in the world. By providing an exclusive and powerful one-to-one mentor, we are able to give you the best coach training experience available.

Save yourself time since you don’t have to attend classes, tele-classes or fly anywhere. You take our course at your own pace, on your own time, in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you choose).

When I discovered the world of coaching I enrolled in The Coaching Institute and began my journey and changed my income and my life. Now I help others live the life they love.
Mark Semple CCC

I am a former student of Terri’s coach training program and a former coaching client of hers. Terri was instrumental in gently nudging me to take the first initial steps toward transitioning from an intense 15-year career as a corporate attorney to a new career in executive search and career consulting. I don’t know if I would have been able to effectively follow through on those first few steps had it not been for the coach training classes and personal coaching sessions with Terri, and the transformational mindset shifts they engendered in me. I recommend Terri and her services emphatically and unequivocally.
Dimitri Mastrocola

Here’s your chance to finally start living your dream of being an in-demand coach!
We’re sure that we don’t have to tell you that it can be hard to start a business in the coaching industry that is highly successful.

But we do want to tell you that while others are out there struggling, overworking themselves just to make ends meet… Those who have gone through and graduated from our home study program are thriving!

In fact, students who have enrolled into our coaching home study program come from all backgrounds: Business executives, physicians, contractors, ministers, consultants, civil servants, attorneys, parents and more.

Today, many of our graduates operate successful and growing coaching businesses…
The clever male coaches and female coaches who have taken the time to discover the business coaching training from our home study program are actually discovering the joys of life.

They are making more money than ever before, attracting more clients than they ever thought possible and they never have to worry about their office or coaching business because they are a huge success!

Thank you for an incredible experience. I looked long and hard for a coach training program that would emphasize marketing as much as coaching. After all, what good is a great coach who can’t be found??? The Coaching Institute provided the perfect blend. Thanks for making coach training so darn much fun! PS: My coaching business is already soaring…through your powerful partnering and referral, I found an immediate stream of clients.
Cynthia Phifer
Virginia Beach, VA

What is really unique about the Coaching Institute program is it not only teaches you the skills to be an excellent coach but also teaches you the skills to market your business. I use all of these skills in all aspects of my business.
Linda Harkcom
Mt. Pleasant, PA

Are you ready to start your very own coaching business – reel in profits, month by month, with the most ground-breaking coaching home study program available today?
Well, if you answered yes then you are at the right place.
This program is also for…
Go-getters who know there is more to life than a cubicle…
Those who want to start a coaching business and are looking to be a success right out of the gate Smart thinkers who want to skyrocket their sales and learn from the sharpest coaching minds in the business today…
Basically, all you need to have is the will to succeed as a coach.
That’s not a request, it’s a requirement!

Well, for starters this program will only work for smart, independent people with a dream of turning their passion for coaching into a lucrative business.
Still interested? Well keep reading…

How choosing our home study program ensures that the coaching business you start WON’T fail…

According to the small business association, most businesses fail before they even get started and we’re sure that failure is one reason why so many capable and talented people never try to realize their dream of having their very own lucrative coaching business due to the possibility of failing.

But the awesome thing about our program is that we WILL teach you how to effectively market your coaching business, draw in new customers, and reel in 6-figures during your first year in business….And grow it by leaps and bounds year after year!

But we don’t expect you to just take “OUR” word for it.
Just listen to what a few of these coaches have to about what they were able to achieve with our help.

I did not even know that there was a way through my confusion of career pathways, until I became a part of The Coaching Institute. I have grown in professional confidence and strength far beyond the lessons taught in the virtual classroom. Terri’s own experience and integrity as well as her unparalleled curriculum-driven training have ignited a flame of passion and intention within me, which even my graduate school training could not do.
Melissa Williams
Boise, ID

Thank you for the experience. At the risk of sounding like a “brown noser” … I do have to say this last 8 month was a rigorous process, deeply educational, and rewarding. The training was always a pleasant and learning experience … very empowering, encouraging, and it challenged me. The coaching curriculum and marketing modules were exceptionally enlightening, offering a wealth of information that I had not considered each time I “tuned in”, causing me to look beyond my immediate scope of ideas, challenging me to find further educational pools to increase my credibility (and visibility). During this process I redesigned my website; designed a meaningful business card (5 a day go out), and built a monthly newsletter (with an increasing pool of participants); started writing a book on relationships (with one on parenting to follow); continue to build my practice (grossing $11,000.00 more just months after starting my business), and I’m continuing to learn from my clients each and every day.
Ronald Shepard,
Barre, VT

Dear Terri, It was right around this time 2 years ago I started researching the idea of becoming a coach. Through a roundabout way, I ended up subscribing to your newsletter. I liked it, but I also felt that you were way out of my league in terms of the amount of money you were/are making as a coach and that this was not for me. I felt the jump from where I was to where you were to big for me. I now know this was a limiting belief that said I could never attain that kind of success in business. I kept meaning to unsubscribe, but never did (the universe at work, no doubt). Then in March of last year, I attended one of your teleclasses – The 6 Mistakes New Coaches Make When Starting Their Business (or something like that). It “spoke” to me. Or rather, YOU spoke to me.

I knew I needed to be part of The Coaching Institute. I knew, for some reason, deep in my heart I was in the right place, and to say no would be the 7th mistake. I knew that if I wanted to create a grow a successful business I needed to play with the big kids. I knew I needed to have the guidance of someone who was already doing what I wanted to be doing…and doing it VERY successfully. And so it was with a great deal of fear in the forefront… I became a student at The Coaching Institute. Where am I now? Light years from where I was. You have shown me that the more I embrace the concepts, systems, and techniques you teach, the more successful I am. You have given me the tools, the support, and the encouragement to move forward, stretch, and get out of my own way. I have learned that I can have it all… I can create it all. The only thing standing in my way is my limiting beliefs. Shift those and it’s all there waiting for me. Terri… I admire who you are and what you have taught me and continue to teach me. And… I aspire to create a business that is completely fulfilling and will allow me to live the life and lifestyle of my dreams. With your guidance, I am well on my way already.I want you to know how much I appreciate having you in my life and how grateful I am to you for creating the community I am a part of. It is because of you that I have met some extraordinary people with whom I have developed friendships. I am laying the foundation for extraordinary success and I am loving this journey, trusting the process, and enjoying the adventure. Thank you for opening this door for me. I am so glad I chose to walk through.In deep gratitude and warmth,
Karen Cross
British Columbia, Canada

Unlike all those other coaching programs out there who are trying to sell you an eBook or some useless system… We’ve developed a tested, proven, and guaranteed to work home study program that takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step through training how to start up a coaching business that pays well and makes you feel great on the inside because you’re living out your dream of being a coach.
And you can trust the training you receive, because we have dealt with hundreds of different coaching business categories, from self-help to weight loss, and everything else in between.

Our Deluxe Comprehensive Coaching Home Study Program has the ability to help you lay out the perfect game plan to attract high-paying clients who will gladly pay you what you ask them to pay……

This home study program is a valuable option for those seeking an inexpensive way to get the training and skills to build a successful coaching business, or to supplement an existing business.

It is a complete home study course covering the full range of topics and issues facing coaches as they create, build and grow their coaching practices.
Just read a few more of our success stories…

Terri Levine’s Coaching Institute is the finest Training Program. I have been trained in Europe, Canada and the USA, and The Coaching Institute program is the most sophisticated program that teaches you an amazing curriculum, involving not only a great technique but as well heart, compassion and an outstanding marketing program.

I highly recommend The Coaching Institute. Having completed other coaching certifications before, I was always looking for that last missing piece. The Coaching Institute is above any other programs I have worked with before. Not only are coaches taught an exceptional curriculum, but they get as well priceless lessons in marketing and access to many other coaches and resources. Terri’s approach to coaching is sincere and includes all aspects of a person. The ultimate gift of The Coaching Institute is that even after graduating from the Institute, you still get the full support and advice including the newest coaching products and techniques on the market.
Helena Nyman
Mineral, VA

Terri, “Thank you” seems so inadequate, so I’m hoping to express my eternal gratitude to you, 
The Coaching Institute program, staff, and the whole family by being the best and most successful life coach I can be and the kind of life coach that you and The Coaching Institute community will be proud to claim as one of theirs. Thank you for my new life.
Vicki Lennox –
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

I want to share with you what The Coaching Institute [CI] has come to mean to me over the year I have been part of the community of exceptional individuals.First of all Terri you are the main reason I joined The Coaching Institute, as I was looking for a training program that was taught hands-on from the founder of the school, not some trickled-down version of the founder. Your hands-on approach to your systems that made you such a success is exactly why I joined The Coaching Institute for my coach training. Then the support I received as a newbie coach was phenomenal from the Forum community of new and seasoned coaches that provided a safe place to explore and discover what worked and didn’t work in my process of becoming an awesome coach was priceless as well. I have made such close friendships more like sisters and brothers while participating in the forum with other coaches in all levels of growth. Also, the mentor/coach program to practice my learned skills and tools with and also work thru my own issues that were blocking me was so instrumental to my success as well. 

I have spoken to many other coaches who were in other programs, and what I discovered was other programs may have had some of your pieces in their training but none, I repeat none had the total package of creating a successful coaching career. I feel so confident as I am building my coaching practice as I have all I need to become more and more successful as a coach. Unlike many other coaches, I have met who are struggling to build a livelihood from their coaching I am now creating that income. It is effortless and I feel great. Don’t get me wrong I had challenges yet really they were my inner challenges that in order for me to become this strong of a coach had to be dealt with and your program did just that, it created the space to grow and change, and the knowledge to apply in my own life and my clients to create an awesome combination of personal successes and professional successes. Terri, I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel wonderful and confident I am a wonderful coach for my clients and to have the most incredible life ever. Thank you!!!

BarBara Whorley
Mission Viejo, CA

So what specifically is included in this program?

Coach Training Guidebooks

The highly respected and internationally recognized Comprehensive Coaching U Guidebooks, previously ONLY available to registered students.

Hi Terri, Want to drop you a quick note of thanks for all you do and all I’ve learned from you and the Coach Institute.Last month I manifested a very special partnership with Ben Mack, the author of Think Two Products Ahead: Secrets the Big Advertising Agencies Don’t Want You to Know and How to Use Them for Bigger Profits.This is a direct result of CI coach training and taking action on my observations of you and your business. (The whole Night Owl e-book project played a key role too.)…Thanks Terri.
With Abundance and Gratitude,
Mark Horn
Lima, OH

Thank you for changing my life!I opened my heard, and the universe spoke. I am so happy that I found The Coaching Institute. The Coaching Institute taught me to live life on purpose with joy an intention — to rejoice in my blessings and to be grateful and kind. I now know that my purpose is to inspire people and help them see the brilliance in themselves. I am now touching the lives of others by being a coach. lives of many
Inspired by you,
Kathleen Berry
Norristown, PA

The Coaching Institute has given me a lot of confidence! I have learned so much through The Coaching Institute and t enjoyed every minute of it!!!

So I thank you with all my heart for helping me find my purpose in life.
With love and great respect,
Elenitsa Potamitou (from Cyprus)

Our guarantee to you…
We know you might be a little hesitant about signing up for our coaching home study program, and that is why we want to provide you with a guarantee to put your mind at ease.

If, within 14 days of receiving your program, you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it to us for a full refund. No hard feelings, no guilt, no problems.
We want you to be happy, excited and filled with amazing ideas when you complete our home study program… and if you are not, then we expect you to take your money back!

This is our guarantee to you. It’s just that simple and it’s just that powerful.
We really can’t be any fairer than that.
So just as a quick recap: This home study course will help you:
Identify all the “selling points” of your coaching business that can earn you LOADS of profits and instantly turn your passion for coaching into a lucrative full time business
Lay-out the simple and powerful methods you can use to not only attract customers and clients on a consistent basis… but to get them to BUY more of your services!
Pinpoint the exact methods you need to implement to ATTRACT “high-end, high-paying” clients!
Set-up a system that will effectively bring-in new prospects, convert them into new clients and double your bottom line!
Expose the secrets that will allow you to increase your prices once your coaching business is established, and improve your clientele with less hassle
Lay-out a complete strategy that allows you to start upselling, downselling, back-end selling and even gaining referrals for your coaching business!
Draft a complete blueprint that you can follow – step-by-step – to easily take your business (and your personal success) to the next level
If any of this is what you want for yourself then,


Your order today allows you to:

Receive proven strategies to help you build a six-figure coaching business FAST
Graduate alongside the top coaches in the profession
Save yourself time since you don’t have to attend classes, tele-classes or fly anywhere
Gain a comprehensive coach certification
Go through a coaching program that’s accreditation by the American Institute of Business Psychology

Click Below to Enroll in your Coaching Home Study Course Now for….

NOT $5,097 like so many other ineffective programs, courses, and business classes cost

NOT $4,097

NOT $2,097

NOT EVEN $1,997, which is a steal-of-a-deal for all that you’ll receive
But you can have the Deluxe Comprehensive Coaching Home Study Program for ONLY $997 plus $15 shipping & handling!